Every once in a while, a commercial opportunity comes along that may be too good to pass up. If you already market products in the personal care niche at some scale, then you may want to add hand sanitiser to your range of solutions to take into account the vastly increased demand. How can you make sure that you maximise your opportunity here?

Full automation

In order to market these products in sufficient quantity, you will need to automate your product line. Accordingly, you will need to buy the proper equipment, at the same time as you confirm the supply of the product itself. Yet your goal, if you are to be as profitable as possible, is to cut down on any manual intervention where possible. You will want to ensure, therefore, that the process is as automated as it can be from start to finish and may need to add additional tools to your arsenal.

Filling and capping

At the heart of the operation will be a liquid filling and capping machine. This will enable you to feed as many small bottles with hand sanitiser as possible in a given hour, and to seal them tightly for onward distribution.

Design options

There are many different types of machine available, and your choice will depend on the product design. Once the bottles have been filled, you may want a bottle cap to be attached and then tightened, or if the bottle has a flip-top seal, then the cap will need to be snapped in place instead.


You will also need to feed your supply of caps so that you never run out, and you cut down on the need for manual support at this stage. You can buy a specific attachment to place in line so that you can store a large number of caps on an elevator which will automatically feed them to the capping machine when the supply gets low.


You can also add a machine that will sort the caps to get them ready for application. Once again, there are many different options, and your choice will depend on the ultimate design of the product. Some of them turn the cap so that it faces the right way while others may vibrate the line so that each cap fits into a given template.

Placing Your Order

Talk with your equipment supplier or a company that specialises in liquid filler and capper machine operations as you begin to set up your operation. They'll be able to supply you with the original equipment and the right attachments.