When installing a flagpole in your home or an institution, your aim should be to have it serve you for as long as possible. You should also have the pole installed in a manner that minimises the risk of causing harm to the surrounding property if it falls.

Sadly, if you install it wrong the first time, it becomes increasingly challenging to re-install it correctly in the same spot, especially after it gets uprooted the first time. Here are the three most common installation mistakes that weaken a flagpole and tips on how you can find out that your pole has a weakness and get the necessary repairs in time.

1. Planting the Flag in the Wrong Location

When you plant your flagpole too close to structures like trees, houses and power lines, you are increasing the risk of damage to the structures. The risk increases if you live in windy paces because the strong wind might uproot a flagpole.

If a flagpole is uprooted and tips over onto power lines, it might cause fire damage. Similarly, a flagpole near a house could fall and smash the windows, ruin the gutters, or even cause bodily harm to people. Check where the pole would fall if the wind sways it. If you notice any signs of weakness, call in a repair expert to strengthen it before it fails.

2. Choosing the Wrong Pole

A wide range of flag poles is available in the market. You should pick the one that works best depending on your needs. It is advisable to plant the pole in a wide and open area, which means that it will ever be exposed to strong winds. When choosing a flagpole, go for a robust one-piece pole.

If you pick two pieces that have to be joined together, you are running the risk of it snapping in the wind and causing damage. Ask about the structural strength of the flag and the speed of wind it can withstand before buying. However, if your location has windbreakers, such as trees nearby, you can choose a two-piece pole.

3. Using a Wobbly Base

The base is what supports the flag through the harsh external weather. You cannot simply dig a hole, place the pole, and then bury it, expecting it to serve you for long enough. Flagpole experts create a wide hole and fill it with cement before putting in the pole. When the cement sets, the bar will be firmly rooted.

Finally, remember to check if the pole has signs of damage and whether all the parts arrive with the package that you request. Choose an expert for installation and flagpole repairs for durable and safe flagpoles.