When you are a victim of vandalism at your premises, you need to act fast. The best way to ensure success in graffiti removal is by removing it as quickly as possible. Once you decide to get rid of the graffiti, the next thing is to determine how you will do it. Will you handle the task yourself? Or will you call in the graffiti removal experts? 

Before deciding on the approach to take, you should do your research. That determines the results you will get after graffiti removal. Here are some tips to help you handle graffiti removal

Removing Graffiti From Wood

Wooden fences are a common area where vandals like to spray paint. Analyse the condition of your wooden fence. If it is new or is well protected with paint or wood stain, the ideal thing would be to wipe the surface using acetone. That will lead to the thinning of the spray paint, which will help you to remove it. If there are any signs of weathering on the wooden fence, using such spirits will only help the wood absorb the paint. The best choice in such cases is using a jet pressure washer. Begin applying the pressure from the outside edges of the spray paint. 

Removing Graffiti From Metal

It is also possible that you will find graffiti on various metal surfaces, such as shop doors. Getting rid of spray paint from metal is not as tricky as removing it from wood. Using paint thinners will most times do the trick. Add spirits such as white spirits, then rub the surface. The paint will thin out and will be removed in no time. Sometimes you may still have some color remaining. Using an abrasive such as light sandpaper will help you get rid of these remnants.

Removing Graffiti From Concrete and Brick Walls

Brick and masonry surfaces are a regular spot for graffiti. Removing spray paint from such surfaces proves to be tricky. That is because you need to be careful not to damage the mortar between the bricks. That could lead to severe problems that need repair. Pressure washing is beneficial on unpainted surfaces, as they absorb the paint. When pressure washing, you should always work from the edges going inwards. That prevents the spreading of the spray paint to other areas. 


Graffiti removal is not a simple process. Sometimes, you may try the above solutions and end up unsuccessful. When that happens, you have a few options. You can choose to paint over the spray paint. The best thing, however, would be to call the graffiti removal experts. They will likely have better experience with how to get rid of the spray paint.