Industrial powder coating is an essential process that offers many benefits for finished surfaces. It's widely used in protecting surfaces and provide a pristine finish that you can't achieve with regular painting. The following reasons prove why you should choose industrial powder coating over solvent-based liquids:

Wide Colour Selection

Matching colours and mixing different paints can be a challenging process. Thanks to the industrial powder coating process that uses a unique formula, you get limitless colour finishes. Whether you need to achieve a satin white or glossy pink colour, powder coating provides a wide range of colours for your project.

Highly Eco-friendly

When using liquid paint, there is a lot of overspray and wastage, as well as the harmful solvents contained in some of them. However, industrial powder coating makes use of electrostatic charge to hold the powdered colour tightly on the metal surface. You can also sweep away any waste without it being released in the air. Also, there are fewer concerns about the disposal and filtration process of powder coating materials. 

Faster and Easier Application

Since industrial powder coating forms a single fused surface, the coating can be applied only once. You'll only require to thoroughly cover the surface and send the target item through to the curing oven once. Doing this helps melt the resins and create a durable bond in just a few minutes. Also, you don't have to apply multiple coats, sand or wait for long periods to finish your industrial products. 


The cost of powder coating is a significant boost for industrial applications. The powder used is cheaper than using wet paint. Furthermore, powder coating is subject to fewer regulations, and the cost of manufacturing the powder is low. Generally, you can save more money at every stage when using industrial powder coating.

Less Maintenance

To keep your wet painted surface looking new, you need to use special solvents, wax or buff them. All the chemicals used in traditional painting cause environmental instability. However, powder coating helps achieve perfectly bonded and sealed surfaces, and a quick wipe using soap and water is all you need. Also, powder-coated surfaces are highly durable and don't have micro-scratches like traditional painted surfaces. 


These five reasons are proof why you should consider using industrial powder coating for your projects. With so many internal and external benefits, powder coating will allow you to save more money and time while taking full advantage of its high-quality finish.